The best rehabs in Southern California take a caring and holistic approach to treatment. As a human being, you deserve a thoughtful and careful approach to rehabilitation. Dana Point Rehab Campus provides expert care in a positive environment just north of downtown San Diego.

Can rehabilitation actually work?

Studies by the recovery village show a marked improvement in the quality of life. Drug use reduced by up to 90 percent. An approach that finds and targets your triggers while dealing with your cravings works.

The positive impacts of rehabilitation last for years. Nearly 73 percent of those suffering from drug addiction and 21 percent of people abusing alcohol stay sober five years after entering a working treatment program.

Does medical detox help?

Medical detox uses anti-abuse drugs to help you break your cycle of addiction. Doctors use these medications alongside psychosocial therapy. The compounds we provide help you cut through your cravings.

It takes an average of 227 days for this program to work. For anyone living in a detrimental environment, live-in treatment is recommended.

Why should I visit rehab?

Rehabilitation centers are a better option than continual abuse of drugs and alcohol. Tooth and hair loss are the least of your issues when suffering from addiction. Between 1999 and 2017, officials blamed nearly 70200 deaths in the United States on overdoses.

Your addiction also impacts those around you. Without help, you risk losing your children and other loved ones. The burden of legal fees and even felonies continue to plague your family.

A caring approach

Nearly 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. This is clearly an epidemic bolstered by the use of opioids and other substances.

A caring and customized approach are the best way to help you get in control of your cravings. We treat you with the respect you deserve while working to get into the root of your issues. A harsh approach to substance abuse treatment does not provide and reinforce the coping mechanisms required to live a productive life.

Do I need live-in therapy?

Peer pressure is a serious concern for anyone. Drug use is on the rise in the 18 to 34-year-old age group.  Cocaine use and alcohol abuse are on the rise in large part due to social situations involving the substances. As lesser compounds become legal, harder substances often follow.

Removing yourself from environments promoting your habit is vital to sobriety. Located just blocks from Dana Point harbor, we provide an excellent location for recovery. Our detox and residential treatment facilities offer cutting edge therapies in a supportive atmosphere.

What makes the best rehabs in Southern California?

The best rehabilitation facilities treat you as a human being. We understand your needs and that every case is unique. A generic, run-of-the-mill approach does not provide the strategies you need to get back on your feet.

Addiction is a serious epidemic requiring real therapy. We work to provide you with the patterns you need to succeed. Get in touch with our professional and courteous counselors today.

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