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Fever and Back to School

What exactly is a fever and why does it matter?  Over the years I have had parents come in with kids that were sent home from school for a “fever of 99”.  M’kay….. aaand? and that was it! No other symptoms or complaints. SO! Let’s talk about what a fever actually is and why we care….  …

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Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu

Sore throat, runny nose, and congestion. Cold and flu season is officially upon us. While prescription medications may help, your child’s first line of defense can be found at your local supermarket or vitamin shop. Here are 9 natural remedies to help treat the misery symptoms of colds or the flu:……

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What’s the deal with gluten and casein?

What are gluten and casein? They are the peptides (proteins) found in wheat and milk respectively. Why do they matter? For some people with certain genetic predispositions they can cause an excessive amount of inflammation and contribute to the root cause of many illnesses.  Let’s talk about gluten…

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"The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." -Einstein