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Discover a different approach to medicine: a nurturing, functional medicine approach to pediatric healthcare. Join The M Center to explore pediatric functional medicine—gentle, holistic care tailored for children of all ages. Learn how natural healing partnered with traditional medicine supports a child's growth and vitality. Empower your family's health journey – book a consultation today!

The M Center for Pediatric Wellness

Holistic Care for Your Family

Pediatric functional medicine — a blend of modern medicine and holistic healing tailored to nurture your child’s well-being, Our functional approach to wellness fosters vitality and addresses root causes. Book your consultation today and discover an entirely new approach to wellness.

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Pediatric Functional Medicine

Families thrive with our blend of functional and traditional pediatric healthcare. The M Wellness Center team, lead by physicians (and moms like you!), Dr. Maia Walton, MD and Dr. Monica Beckham, PhD, BCNWP, FMCHC, merge evidence-based medicine with holistic approaches, addressing root causes with compassion, kindness, and empathy. Experience comprehensive care from the heart to nurture your child’s well-being and support their long-term health journey

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Well and Acute Care for Children

At The M Center for Pediatric Wellness, we diagnose, treat, and support children and adolescents of all ages and stages. While we specialize in children with chronic conditions (physical and brain health) and developmental challenges, we offer traditional well visits, check-ups, and sick/acute care appointments when things don‘t feel quite right. We get it – we’re moms too – and know you know when things seem off. Let us help you help your children live their very best, healthiest, happiest lives despite any obstacles in their way with the M Center’s compassionate, functional approach to healthcare.

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