Pediatric functional medicine is the extension of the practices of functional medicine — treating the mind, body, and spirit collaboratively with a dedicated healthcare practitioner — to pediatrics. For many parents, it’s the answer to their child’s illness; for some, it’s an ongoing relationship between the parent, child, and functional pediatrician. But is functional medicine right for your child?

At The M Center for Pediatric Wellness in Georgia we specialize in functional medicine for kids, a discipline that is commonly referred to as pediatric functional medicine. Because we take the time to develop a relationship with the parent and child, eachchild each integrative wellness plan is different. However, there are a few things you can do to determine whether or not functional medicine is right for your child. Read on to learn more, or book an appointment with The M Center today!

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician

The first step in determining if pediatric functional medicine is right for your child is to have a discussion with their pediatrician. Your child’s pediatrician can provide insight into whether certain integrative wellness treatments, such as ozone therapy and IV therapy are appropriate for your child’s individual medical needs or age. Additionally, they can provide you with information about the various practitioners in your area who specialize in this type of medicine. 

At The M Center for Pediatric Wellness, we offer numerous, numerous healing options, and are also board-certified pediatricians. We can provide both guidance on integrative wellness as well as the treatments themselves.

Research the Practitioners

Once you’ve identified a few practitioners in your area who specialize in pediatric functional medicine, it is important to do your research. Read reviews, look at their website, and contact the practitioners directly to ask questions. This is a great way to get a better understanding of their individual practice styles and which one could be the best fit for your child. If you’re curious about pediatric functional medicine, or what kind of doctors we are at The M Center for Pediatric Wellness, we’re proud to say we’re licensed, board-certified pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and healthcare professionals. 

Understand the Benefits

Pediatric Functional Medicine offers a variety of benefits, such as a comprehensive approach to healthcare and a focus on prevention. Additionally, it can help to identify and treat underlying causes of medical issues, rather than just managing symptoms. Understanding the potential health benefits of this type of medicine can help you to decide if it is right for your child.

Ask About Costs

IV therapy, ozone therapy, and other integrative wellness practices can be expensive, so it is important to ask about costs prior to scheduling any appointments. Many practitioners offer payment plans, and some may even accept insurance. The M Center for Pediatric Wellness can help you with insurance claims relating to our services.

If you’re ready to take charge of your child’s health, rather than react to the symptoms, it’s time for you to start searching for your nearest functional medicine doctor. If you’re located in Roswell, GA, or the surrounding areas, we are standing by to provide you with an individualized, life-long relationship with a dedicated healthcare professional.