As a parent, you’ve no doubt tried a myriad of methods for increasing your child’s natural immunity to the contaminants that populate the world we live in. For a child especially, that world may involve even more exposure than the rest of us. Can you remember hours of playing outdoors? Indeed, there are plenty of opportunities for sickness to arise. At The M Center for Pediatric Wellness, it’s our mission to make sure your child stays healthy. While we provide pediatric functional medicine, here’s what you can do at home.

Balanced, Healthy Diet

It’s tempting to reach for convenience foods in light of the rushing speed of daily routine. However, you should make an effort to provide a balanced diet for your child. Malnutrition lowers the body’s natural ability to ward off disease. This preventative measure is not only good for your child now but can encourage healthy eating habits in the future.


For children, staying up past seven may feel extraordinarily late — because, for them, they’re in a stage of life where they’re experiencing growth on all levels. That growth requires the refueling power of sleep, and it’s been proven that poor sleep weakens the immune system in children. So, make sure to enforce a bedtime routine that allows for a healthy amount of sleep.

Physical Activity

This study shows that physical activity corresponds to a highly positive effect on the immune system. Physical activity also improves heart health, lung function, and motor skill development. Sports or outdoor activities are an all-around fantastic way to boost your child’s immunity.

Reduce Stress

Psychological stress may play a part in an altered or weakened immune system. Try to establish healthy stress-relieving habits and time to participate in recreational activities that they enjoy. A balanced mind and a balanced body go hand-in-hand!

You can strengthen your child’s natural immunity by encouraging them to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles. That means getting enough rest, physical activity, and good food. They may need some reminding here and there, but you can do your part to help them set up good habits that will serve them well in the future. If you have concerns, we can help. Learn more about integrative wellness by scheduling an appointment with The M Wellness Center.

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