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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

Boulder Recovery is a premier masturbation addiction recovery center in Colorado, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, expansive views of the forests, and abundant wildlife. Here are a few signs of masturbation addiction that warn the need to seek professional help:

  1. Masturbation takes up a lot of your time

If you find yourself craving porn or aroused while at work or school and feel the urge to get over it with masturbation, you may have an addiction problem. Individuals with a masturbation addiction disorder often isolate themselves from social activities or loved ones to engage in behaviors that offer them greater pleasure. If your personal or work life suffers because of your obsession with masturbation, you must seek help from a Boulder, Colorado sex addiction therapist for men.

  1. Masturbating to cope with negative emotions

If you end up masturbating even in the absence of arousal, as a coping mechanism to cope with stress or negative feelings and emotions, you may need professional help. While some men and women engage in masturbation to overcome negative feelings, the act can cause them to feel more guilty or upset after masturbation and worsen their mental health. If you have a diagnosis for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc., alongside sex addiction, you need to seek help for dual diagnosis.

  1. Inability to stop and requiring more

Finding it impossible to stop masturbating despite several attempts or finding it more appealing to masturbate than engage in intercourse with your partner can imply that you have an addiction to pornography or masturbation. Besides, men battling masturbation addiction report experiencing increased cravings to engage more and more in the act over time. If you experience recurrent cravings or withdrawal symptoms when you refrain from masturbation for any amount of time, you should consider porn addiction treatment in Boulder. 

  1. Losing interest in sex

If you experience a growing disconnect from your partner and lose interest in real sex, you may have a masturbation addiction. Similarly, finding your partner less attractive and enjoying better sexual gratification from watching people in porn are additional signs of masturbation addiction. Men and women suffering from masturbation addiction lose interest in the sexual advances made by their loved ones, making them distant and uninterested in their partners. Masturbation addiction can also cause men or women to require more stimulation to feel aroused during intercourse.

  1. Lack of responsibility

If your masturbation addiction is getting in the way of your everyday responsibilities, or you end up losing several hours a day masturbating or viewing porn, be sure to seek help from rehab for pornography and Christians. Men suffering from masturbation addiction spend several hours in the act, accomplishing nothing, which can make them lethargic and uninterested in other activities. We offer help for porn-addicted Christians with our 14-day intensive live-in program and help men overcome their behavioral problems.

Breakfree from masturbation and porn addiction today. Call us at 720-902-9919 to attend our 14-day intensive Christian-based treatment for men with sex and porn addictions. Boulder Recovery is a leading masturbation addiction recovery center in Colorado with compassionate, friendly, and compassionate Christian mentors.

Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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Masturbation Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

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