Pasadena Alcohol Treatment Center

Did you wake up with a hangover again this morning? Do you forget what you did or where you were last night? If blackouts and morning hangovers are wrecking your life, now is the time to talk to someone at a Pasadena alcohol treatment center.

At Pax House, we’re not about judgment

We’re here to help people just like you to deal with problem drinking and drug addiction in a positive way. Instead of berating you for using, we’ll help you find out why you became addicted in the first place. We provide positive role models and compassionate counseling in a lovely private facility in Altadena.

How did you get habituated to alcohol?

After tobacco, alcohol is the most abused substance in America today. Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, however. According to Harvard Medical School, around 10 percent of adult men and 5 percent of adult women have some sort of alcohol abuse disorder. This disorder can lead to all kinds of problems for both the individual and the people around them. Those with a family history of over-drinking may be four times more likely to become problem drinkers themselves, says Harvard.

Signs of alcohol abuse disorder

Serious and progressive, alcohol abuse offers several clues to watch out for. If any of the following situations sound like you, a Pasadena alcohol treatment center is standing by and ready to help.

In the earliest stages of alcohol abuse disorder, a person may drink more than they planned to. They may over-drink despite warnings from friends, co-workers or family members. They may try to stop drinking, but their resolve doesn’t last for long. Over time, the individual develops a tolerance for alcohol and needs to drink more to feel the same sensation they used to feel with less.

Once a person is dependent on alcohol in their system, going without leads to a range of uncomfortable feelings that may include nausea, anxiety, headache, and fatigue. As the disorder progresses, the problem drinker may experience blackouts wherein they are awake, but remember nothing. A healthcare professional at a Pasadena alcohol treatment center can more fully explain why this happens.

Ultimately, severe personality changes happen. A chronic alcohol abuser may find it impossible to keep a job or pass a class. Heavy drinkers are prone to hallucinations, tremors and panic attacks explains Harvard.

When a person has severe drinking issues, they are often the last to know

This is when a family may try to tell the drinker how their behavior affects them. An ‘intervention’ may pull the addict back to reality long enough to accept help. If not, friends and family members may find comfort in Alanon groups until the substance abuser decides for themselves that a stint in a Pasadena alcohol treatment center is the right course of action.

When you are prepared to know more about how our Pasadena alcohol treatment center works, please call (877) 837-2388 or (626) 398-3897. Pax House accepts most insurance, including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna and United HealthCare.